Weekend Courses

ITAcademy.IN understands your busy schedule on working days and helps you to dive into the IT industry, by conducting regular weekend online trainings with its trainers for working IT professionals who can’t  attend sessions daily basis.

Highlights of this full day sessions are as below.

Activity Based
Participative and Interactive
Communicative Approach
Proficiency & Competence Oriented

We use PowerPoint presentations to support the trainer’s lecture. This will also provide better clarity and understanding to the participants. The whole course is well planned and converted onto PowerPoint slides ahead of the workshop. We have professional designers who develop slides of greater visual impact.

Participative techniques and group discussions will also be used as and when required, to make the workshops more interactive.

We teach on your Saturday and Sunday for solid 7hrs 15 minutes each. We guarantee, our sessions are not boring and don’t  bring down your energy levels.

Thank you for your interest in our weekend workshops programme. For more information Please " Click Here".

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Client Testimonials
I did SharePoint 2010 course with ITAcademy.IN. I found teaching style of Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri, is very effective. One of the reason i have analyzed, he just uses the words that are just adequate to teach that concept.  Nothing more or Nothing Less.  Thus it always kept me focused during his 60 minutes of lecture.
Rajiv Shukla


Client Testimonials

"Nice online training. Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri,the tutor has good command on subject, learnt a lot about MOSS 2010. Covered all the topics mentioned in the website. I would definitely recommend to others." 

Ramesh Bandi


Client Testimonials

I did SharePoint 2010 course with ITAcademy.IN. At ITAcademy.IN, their Trainers pure coders. Perfect Demonstrators. Now I dont have to worry about New Versions that may come up! I look for more courses with them.



Client Testimonials

"I have not found an online training institute with such a clear approach to explaining the subject. Even with 10 years of programming experience, I found MOSS 2010 course at ITAcademy.IN, was very informative and very comfortable with the subject. I thank them for their support given to me even after course completion."

Ravi Kiran


Client Testimonials

Kamesh! You have got great stuff in you man. It’s helped me get into the SharePoint 2010 Development career quickly. After just a few months I got a great job working in SharePoint 2010.

Ajay Nidgundi


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